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Sell LED Lighting and Earn $$$$
Earn Top Dollar Selling LED Lighting

Would you like to get involved in an exciting rewarding market with huge potentials? We are a major manufacturer and wholesaler for commercial LED Lighting and offer a program to help you get started making money selling led lighting online.  You don't have to be a pro sales man or sales women to take advantage of this opportunity . All you need is a desire to succeed and believe in yourself.  You can be an electrician or retired from any profession and want something fun to do that is also very rewarding. Our products help lower energy cost thus saying tons of money when people switch over to LED lighting. 


Sell LED Lighting
Web Design and Marketing Support

Our team will help you create a website that will drive traffic or add a webstore to your current business website. if you are a contractor or an electrician this is a perfect opportunity to make more residual income. Because you not only sell the LED Lighting products but you also offer installation of the led lighting products that you sell locally.  Areas that you don't service you can simply just sell the products to the client and refer an electrician or subcontract other electricians.  Imagine your own product catalog online, on your website that your clients can easily view and pick and choose the products they would like to use for the job separate from the install portion of the business. This will not only make you more money but also save you time.

LED lighting drop ship
Our Drop Shipping Program

The potentials of having a drop shipping business that we offer is huge. From everything to low over head cost to practically none, besides advertising. You could sell led lighting from the comfort of your home office and make tons of money. If you are interested in learning more about this program please contact our office to discus further in depth how the program works and all setup cost involved .


LED Rebate Program

Help your customers save thousands of dollars by applying for LED rebate incentives locally for them. All our of products qualify for such rebates.
This gives you the advantage to earn more and help save your clients more money. We have existing clients who are already partnered with utility companies nationwide that can help you apply for these rebates for your clients. This will help you start making more money right away if you are not familiar with this process.


Contact us below to become an authorized distributor of our products for best pricing possible to get started .