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Ballast Bypass LED Tubes

4 foot led tubes bypass

Our 4ft led tubes replace your traditional fluorescent tubes. 4 ft replacement tube can be ordered in bypass or ballast compatible. We have a wide selection of 4ft led tubes in 12w, 15w , 18w and 20 watt. Our fluorescent replacement tubes are all Doubled ended led tubes that are DLC listed.

Explanation on double ended led tubes:

double-ended lamp Double-Ended Ballast Bypass . Which is referred to as DEBB. It can be used with unshunted and shunted  lampholders. When you upgrade to LED tubes you can use the existing tombstones which are the lamp holders . Installation time for our led tubes is a breeze. Our Bypass tubes don’t require a ballast and save even more energy this way.


DLC stands for DesignLights Consortium . When a product is listed DLC it means the product has been designed and approved to perform under high levels of energy savings and efficiency.


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